Installation and Commissioning

RAD-TEL (PNG) LTD. can provide services in connection to our products :

  • Installation and commissioning of two-way radio communication's bases, mobiles and repeaters
  • Installation and layout of telephone/computer cabling
  • Installation and commissioning of PABX/switch
  • Installation and commissioning  of data communications equipment such as modems, statistical multiplexers, and data/voice integration managers
  • Installation and commissioning of solar equipment
  • Installation and commissioning of power systems
Maintenance and Repair

RAD-TEL Service Department can help you with your problems with regards to your units or equipment malfunction. Our staff are technically knowledgeable and experience in handling technical matters. Whether the call requires to be a field work or in the workshop, we guarantee you that we will do our best to attend to your faults/problems as soonest as possible.

Furthermore, our valued two-way radio customers always in need of their communications at all times, so our technical people extends their job until  home to monitor the whole network and give advice to customers system status if ever is necessary. With that, we open our two-way radio services 24 hours a day.

Spares and Accessories

RAD-TEL have spares and accessories for a wide range of its product to support its services.

In addition, RAD-TEL store holds considerable amount of spare parts, just about everything that is likely to be needed to ensure that it can handle its operation and sales in the most efficient way.

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