SRP9100 Series


The SRP9100 series of handhelds are high performance conventional/trunked radios to meet your ever changing needs. These are fully featured portable radio designed for professionals who rely on quality performance for high security or critical applications. Extremely compact, lightweight, innovative, it has easy to use controls and an informative 12 digit, alphanumeric display with a DSP based audio processor for audio clarity.

Product Feature
  • 12 Button dialing keypad
  • Upto 1000 channels in conventional mode. Trunked call addresses can be alpha tagged for phone book.
  • Touch tone signalling for telephone dialing (DTMF).
  • In PMR mode 240 Scan / Vote Groups and Dual watch.
  • 250 entry selcall for option such as lone worker, stun and emergency alarm.
  • 1200 / 2400 Baud Internal Modem with enhanced FFSK signalling for simple
  • data messaging.
  • SRP9130 Text Messaging allows you to transmit and receive status message
  • easily and securely.
  • High versatile selcall signaling system.
  • Users can make telephone calls via PABX & PSTN on suitable equipped networks.
  • 6 selectable Power Outputs.
  • Dynamic Power Output with automatic volume control.
  • Inbuilt GPS support.
  • Signalling options through FFSK modem.


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