SRP8000 Series

The SRP8000 series of handhelds offers high performance conventional/trunked radios to meet your ever changing needs. Extremely compact, lightweight, innovative, it has easy to use controls and an informative 12 digit, alphanumeric display.

Product Feature
  • 100 channels
  • Alphanumeric Display
  • CTCSS/DCS Signaling
  • Easy to use with robust construction
  • Different Power level
  • 5 tone CCIR Signaling
  • High visibility liquid crystal display :
    • 1 line of 3 characters and icons
    • 1 line of 12 alphanumeric characters
  • Version with or without keypad
  • Programmable for Conventional or
  • MPT1327 Trunking
  • Covers all the common frequency bands
  • Programmable channel spacing
  SRP 8000: Security
  • Emergency Button easily located at base of the antenna. Reduced risk of accidental operation.
  • Different alarm strategies
    • Alarm cycling
    • Live microphone
    • Equipment appears "dead" to the aggressor
    • Radio acts as a "beacon"
  • Universal Memory Plug (UMP) similar to a GSM SIM card, but more robust:
    • Holds complete user's programming data including channels and short form memories
    • Cloning a radio configuration
    • Radio can be"immobilized" when the UMP is not fitted.
    • Attached to a snatch lead, acts as an anti-theft alarm.
SRP 8000: Unique Features
  • 5W 146-174 MHz + 68 - 88 MHz and 4W in UHF ( programmable to 2.5 and 1W )
  • Dynamic Transmit Power Control:
    • Choice of transmit power can be left to the radio
    • SRP8000 automatically reduces its power level when it senses a high signal strength from a nearby transmitter
    • Conserves battery life and reduces spectral pollution
  • Automatic Volume Control:
    • Uses internal microphone to sense the ambient noise level
    • Automatically adjusts speaker volume.
    • Improves confidentiality and reduces user fatigue.
  • Internal VOX for hands free operation
  • MultiAx Trunking
  • Remote Killing & Revive
  SRP 8000: Conventional
  • Flexible signaling options
    • CTCSS / DCS (Digital Coded Squelch)
    • Sel call with up to 17 tones
    • 5 variable digits
  • DTMF encode for phone access
  • Multiple Scan groups - 10 channels + priority
  • Scanning and/or Voting
  • Dual watch
  • 100/200 channels


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