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Common features for the GP329 and GP339

Plus Variable TX RF Power

Two pre-programmed levels per channel allows user to program the TX power between 5 to 25 W per channel at the press of the button. Reducing radio interference to others especially in a congested radio environment, when transmitting at a lower power and maximizing talk range when transmitting at a higher power.

Memory Channel Button

Up to 2 function buttons can be programmed as "memory channel". Users can program any channel just like an FM radio. Instant access to critical channel such as designated emergency channel is now available at a push of a button.

Ignition Sense

Without users having to remember to turn on the radio, the GM950 series mobile is instantly powered up when the vehicle ignition is on. Together with the "designated power up channel" function, you can be sure that the radio will be on the correct channel. Critical messages can be sent instantly, definitely ideal for emergency services such as Airport Fire service where instant communication is critical.

Busy Channel Lockout

The busy channel lockout function seeks to prevent different groups from transmitting over each other, reducing user annoyance and improving communication efficiency.

Reversible Control Head

The "reversed" control head provides users the flexibility to install at different orientation to ensure user readability.

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